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Use blockchain technology to create, issue, track and manage your entire certification process on Certif-ID. Blockchain-based digital certificates make verification and validation easy.

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Digital Advantage

Contactless digital certificate issuance with a unified dashboard to reduce cost and optimise certification.

Fast & Powerful

Reduce manual, time-consuming tasks in issuing, verifying and validating certificates.

Easy Verification

Enable students to share proof of their skills with social circles and potential recruiters.

How Certif-ID Works

A blockchain-powered hub that brings next-gen tools to amplify visibility, provide security and educational continuity.

Digital certificates

Supporting you every step of the way

1. Come Onboard

A dedicated specialist will help you through the steps of setting up your Certif-ID profile. From designing customised digital certificates to issuing them to graduates across multiple locations, our experts will take care of the details so you can concentrate on the big picture.

2. Issue Digital Certificates

Digitise and streamline your certification issuance process with Certif-ID. Our specialist will assist you in certificate customisation, issuing, tracking, and verifying pre-issued digital certificate.

3. Start Seeing Results

When you automate your certificate issuing, verification and monitoring process, you create and maintain public trust for students and recruiters. With Certif-ID stay aware of market trends, identify opportunities and grow significantly.

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When it comes to digital credentialing, we pursue long-term authenticity and accessibility. Understanding tech trends that are shaping the future of education, we are helping educational institutions adapt to change.

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